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Send us your toilet pictures!  For the  past three years, Toiletnet.com has given calendars to volunteers who have made worthy contributions to our Site.  The toilet pictures in our calendar are all volunteer submissions.  This year's calendar was different from previous years in that they contained information on National 'something' day.  For instance, did you know that September 29th was National Goose Day?  The 2006 calendars were a huge success, and we're doing it again!  Get your camera's ready.  Send us your toilet or urinal pictures now.  Our calendars come with a money-guarantee.  If you're not delighted with it, simply send us $50.00, and we'll refund half of it!!           

As with everything we do, your personal information will be held in strict confidence.  We hate junk mail, spam and privacy invasions just as much as the next person.  We will NOT divulge, sell, give away or otherwise use for any reason, your information.

Toiletnet features the largest collection of volunteer submitted toilet and urinal pictures in the world!  We want YOUR toilet pictures!  We're doing our part to make the Internet FUN!  What better way is there to "waste" time on the Internet than looking at pictures of toilets?  Have you used a toilet or urinal we don't have a picture of?  Take a picture and send it to us!  Be part of the toilet movement!   We're looking to be your number one stop for toilet pictures.

We're looking to flush out the best (or worst) toilets and urinals in the world, and we've launched our search.  Do you know of a great (or not so great) toilet or urinal?  Take a picture of it and send it in.  We have toilet pictures from all over the place.  We have pictures of Kohler toilets, American Standard toilets, if you can name it, we probably have a picture of it:  We even have a Johnson Fireclay trough style urinal (made in Stoke-on-Trent). We have stainless steel troughs, ceramic tile troughs and porcelain troughs.  We have some of Ireland's finest Armitage Shanks!  If we use your picture, we'll send you a Toiletnet magnet! Or, if you prefer, we'll just put your picture on our site and give you a moment of Toiletnet fame!  That's a lot better than letting it go down the crapper!  If you've used one of the urinals or toilets we have on our site, we'd also like to hear about that.  Where was it?  What were your impressions of it?  Send your toilet pictures (after reading the toilet picture submission guide) to yuri.nater@toiletnet.com (The Godfather of Bowl). Tell us a about it, and we'll give you a moment of glory in the Toiletnet spotlight. Send feedback to Where have YOU gone?







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