This is our new downloads page.  We have some wallpaper and two screensavers (so far).  All files are certified to be 100% clean (no virii or anything like that).

Here is the list of wallpaper.  To download the file, right-click and select "Save Target As..."  Or to set as wallpaper, right-click the file and select "Set as Background" from the menu.  For the screensaver, simply run the exe, and it will show up in the Screensaver section of the Display Properties.  Enjoy. If there are other pictures you'd like to see in the screensaver, we can customize them (for a few pictures).  Also, if you would like other wallpaper, let us know.

Budweiser Brewery, Jacksonville, FL 2005 Screensaver
Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, SC Another Screensaver Not as good as the first, but it's less resource intense.
Cooperstown United Methodist Church Main Movie:  This is just something I did in Flash.
Crystal Lake Bath House, Urbana IL  
Erie Island Service Center  
Golden Triangle Pavilion, Greenbelt, MD  
Hadlock Field, Portland, ME  
Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, GA  
Henry S. Miller Park, Salisbury, MD  
K-Mart, Salisbury, MD  
Katz's Delicatessen, New York, NY  
Kennesaw Mountain National Battle Field, Kennesaw, GA  
LL Bean, Freeport, ME  
Museum of Natural History, New York, NY  
Seagull Stadium, Salisbury, MD  
The Old Post Office, Washington, DC  
Portland International Jetport, Portland, ME  
Sneakers Sports Bar, Jacksonville, FL  
USS Spruance, Mayport, FL   is a Yellow P production.