Hall of Shame


Entry number two into the Hall is from Yamaki Steakhouse:


This is an e-mail we got from Yamaki Steak House.

''go ahead and put me in your hall of shame because I have a great sense of humor and still find none in your juvenile website. you were given permission to post pictures of our establishment on your website and I would like it to be removed immediately'' 

But we didn't take it down.  ''Juvenile website.''  HA!!!  300+ hits per day can't be wrong.



T h e  l a t e s t  e n t r y  t o  b e  e n s h r i n e d:

(As if you need) Another reason NOT to like the NY Yankees.

As a veteran, I find it extremely offensive when dumb-asses wear a hat, EVEN AFTER THE ANNOUNCER HAS REQUESTED THAT GENTLEMEN REMOVE THEIR CAPS, during the National Anthem.  Yea, free speech says he can, but common sense says I should kick his ass.  It chaps me that I defended the freedom of morons like this. Ergo this entry in the hall of shame.  What makes it even worse it that this pissant is wearing a NY Spankee's hat.  GO Red Sox

This is my editorial, and I'm sticking to it.  If you're offended by my comments, good!  I'm offended when American citizens don't have the common courtesy, decency or respect to remove their hats -even after Mr. Announcer Man as politely asked them to do so (it's a damn shame he even has to ASK!) for the singing of our National Anthem.  Yea, the picture was taken AFTER the Anthem, but this moron had that STUPID hat on his fat head during the Anthem!

Nice hair, dickhead.