7/21/05 Foodies.  You just have to read it.

7/21/05 Exploding Toilet Owner Sues the Pants off Contractor.

2/02/05 Flushed over 200,000 times.

9/17/04  ANOTHER member added to the Hall of Shame!

9/15/04  Now serving visitor number:  172,000.  172,000 served.

5/17/04  150,000 visitors!

3/10/04 Here is a volunteer submission of some alleged graffiti seen in public restrooms around the country.

3/4/04  Ok, so this isn't news, but the Whitehouse didn't have indoor plumbing until 1902!

02/06/04 130,659:  The number of visitors surpasses the 130,000 plateau. 

02/06/04  Back at number one!!  Both for searches of "Toilet Pictures" and "Pictures of Toilets."  It's nice to know you can look at toilet pictures that aren't xXx rated. 

11/13/03 The site had over 1,200 hits.  That's the most one-day total so far!!

10/31/03 This isn't news; it's rather just an observation.  Why do you suppose when doing a search for ''Toilet Pictures'' on Google or Yahoo, the only site withOUT someone peeing is Toiletnet?  For a LONG time this site was the number one result.  We've dropped to 6.  I hope Google figures things out.

10/02/03 Visitor number 100,000!  It took a while, but we finally reached 100,000.

9/25/03 Toiletnet makes another radio station:  www.1025theshark.com/shows.htm

We've been at the top of several major search engines for a *long* time.  I can't remember exactly, but it's been at least 9 months!

Geez, it's been a long time since we had any news.  We got another, albeit minor, face lift.  We're almost to our 100,000th visitor, and we've added a Wall of shame.  We almost added another member, but Yuri told them to pack sand.  No one calls Toiletnet a juvenile website and gets away with it!

3/7/03 Yuri nearly arrested in Atlanta!  Read the scoop here!

3/7/03 Visitor number 50,000!  The site hasn't been officially been up for a year, and today we had visitor 50,000!

1/2/03  A new year and a new face for Toiletnet.  Like it?  Hate it?  Comments?  Tell us!!

12/05/02 Choo in Swahili meens bathroom!!  Ok, so it's not news.  It is funny, though!  So when someone asks you what you learned new today, you can tell them what choo means. 

11/28/02  Visitor number 30,000. 

10/24/02  Toiletnet is now a proud member of the World Toilet Organization!! 

10/03/02 We had visitor number 20,000!!  A mile-stone reached before the 6 month mark!  It was Oshawa-PPP3520922.sympatioc.ca  IP               address  Thanks to ALL our visitors!  Keep supporting us.

5/10/02  Toiletnet.com gets its 6000th visitor.  My friend and long-time confidant, Chiani gets the honors this time.  Thanks, Chi!

Well, as some of you may have noticed, we had a bit of an outage.  It's a long story.  We're back now.  Thanks for the patience.  Continue your submissions!!

5/4/02  More INTERNATIONAL attention.  http://www.smoel.nl/weblog.html.  Toilet.com Een oud-medewerker van Smoel kwam ooit op het idee om toiletten te fotograferen. Inmiddels hebben een stel Amerikanen een website hiervoor bedacht. Inderdaad, fotografeer je plee en stuur 'm maar op! http://www.Toiletnet.com  (although I don't know if the link is still actuve).

With the help of my friend (and toilet picture submitter) I-Warez, this translates to "An old employee of Smoel thought once about the idea to take photographs of toilets. Now some Americans came up with a website for it. Yes, that's right, photograph your toilet and send it to them!"

Maandag, Mei 06, 2002 flipdick gets a plug at http://janbakker.blogspot.com.  Very cool.  More INTERNATIONAL kudos!!

5/2/02 Toiletnet/Flipdick gets visitor 5000.  We've had our hit-counter for four weeks today, and we've gotten out 5000th visit!! Thanks 5000.

5/1/02  Toiletnet makes the AltaVista site.

4/29/02  Flipdick unofficially changes its name to Toiletnet.

4/15/02  Then, while poking through some our traffic records, I noticed we got some credit from www.thezone941.com (in particular http://girl_intern.tripod.com/karlsonandmckenzie).  Wow, flipdick goes national!!

4/18/02  dmoz.org adds flipdick to its database  Then, flipdick FINALLY gets added to Yahoo and Google.  We're still waiting on AltaVista, Lycos and a few others.

4/12/02  Ok, for some cheesy news.  First off, the Regular Guys, of www.96rock.com mentioned us on the air.  For those of you that don't       know, they have an f'ed up website of the week.  For the week of April 15th, they picked flipdick.com.  Cool or what!!

Got something you wanna tell us? toilet@toiletnet.com