Submission Guide

  1. We accept all facilities used expressly for relieving oneself. I.E., if you pee on the ground, don't take a picture and send it in.
  2. The fixture should be clean. Perhaps try to flush it first. We understand if it's a crowded location and the opportunity arises to snap a picture before anyone else comes in. We have the capability of editing pictures.
  3. The picture should NOT contain any body parts.
  4. Restrooms that are "famous," artistic, rare or otherwise impressive are encouraged.
  5. Toilaroids should be accompanied by a brief description of where the fixture was located (Establishment name, Town and State). Also try to include a brief "story," if you can.
  6. We respect that some volunteers like to remain anonymous. We will not divulge any information, and we will NEVER share information or eddresses with anyone else.
  7. Please review our copyright statement, as all submissions become property of The Company.